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Working with your Home Builder or Interior Designer we can bring a structured wiring design to the project that will cover your immediate and future needs. Cutting open drywall in your home after the fact will surely cost you more money and inconvenience your family while living in your home. Planning out the wiring for your home is a very important step for a successful system. 



Whether you envision a Private Home Theater in your home, or are converting an un-used room into a Media Room, Black Level AV can bring it to life. We have 17 years of experience providing custom Home Theater & Media Room Systems throughout the US and Hawaii.  


Picture yourself on a cool evening taking in a movie, or enjoying the ball game with your friends, with a perfectly designed Black Level AV audio and video system. Anyone can put a pair of speakers outside, but not everyone understands how to achieve perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality. 

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Whether its a residential or commercial application, there is a wide range of smart devices that depend on your network. Having a secure and robust network with the ability for discreet remote management is essential. It should also be designed to support a high number of IoT devices, streaming audio and video (4K) capabilities, remote monitoring connections, all the way down to your day-to-day internet browsing and email.


Lighting, Climate Control, Distributed Audio &Video, Motorized Shade Systems and Security are just a few of the systems that can be automated. Integrated systems allowing an easy to use system from a handheld remote, iOS or Android App or Touch Panel. Automation is not only convenient, but can help monitor and save energy usage, as well increase the security of your home!

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Give your home the privacy and comfort it deserves with Motorized Shades. We are a proud dealer & installer for Screen Innovations Motorized Shade Systems providing both Interior & Exterior solutions. Want to hide the TV so it's not the focal point of your room, with a Nexus21 lift system, your TV can disappear! This is an Interior Designers dream!